Monday, April 14, 2014

Halo Combat Evolved Linux/Ubuntu Installation

Halo Combat Evolved Linux/Ubuntu Installation 

I am using ubuntu 13.10 x64 I am using playonlinux 4.2.2 and using wine 1.7.16
Please use proprietary drivers


Install Components


Make sure that your pc is capable of running this game, before starting the installation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please make sure that you are using proprietary video drivers.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nascar Heat Gameplay

Nascar Heat Gameplay

I do not know much about this game I got it because I found out that DICE made it.
I did not play this game a lot but I believe it is an ok game.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Best YouTube Alternative Websites

Best YouTube Alternative Websites 2014

I am trying to find the best Video Sharing Website on the internet, Find the website that has best quality or at least is a good alternative to Youtube

Pleas note non of this video services are using premium/paid subscription accounts. 

You can download the source file from here

Take a look at the Screenshots from the source file (full versions can be downloaded from here)
Screenshots were extracted on this time: 00:00:15, 00:01:00, 00:01:45, 00:02:20

Size limit: I Think 60 GB
Length limit: No limit uploaded 8 hour videos 

Looks Ok I guess but so much worse then the source file

Size limit: 4GB
Length limit: 60 minutes
Supports 1080P file output (Users can watch your videos in 1080P)

Best YouTube Alternative Websites by Chelidze

This is Impressive this look better than youtube on this resolution but if you are using youtube you can use higher resolution than 1080P and quality really improves but on 1080P this looks the best (It preserved colors so much better)  but it really is Cpu hungry

Size limit: 500Mb 
Length limit: No
If you have free account your viewers can only view 720P videos 

Well not bad but looks worse then youtube and dailymotion

Size limit: 2GB
Length limit: No
your viewers can only view 720P videos

Does not Look good

Size limit:10Gb
Length limit 50minutes
no information about top output resolution

This was a surprise it looks really nice but not as good as dailymotion or youtube

Size limit: No information used to be size limit 800MB
Length limit:no

Does not look Good

Size limit:1Gb
Length limit:no

Watch Best YouTube Alternative Websites in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Meh does not look awful neither it is great  

Conclusion I think  youtube is still the way to go however dailymotion is great alternative really nice.

Thank you for your time and I hope it was helpful

Sunday, March 30, 2014

7-zip Compression Settings Guide

7-zip Compression Settings Guide 

This guide is created to help 7-zip users understand what settings do what and how to achieve best compression on their systems, for this guide I am using 7-zip gui however I believe reading this guide will help you with commend line version as well.

For this guide I am using 7-zip version 9.32

Lets Begine:

1) Archive Format: From this option you can select what archive format you want to use, however because this guide is dedicated to 7z lets stick to it. although I recommend you take a look at this article Best File Compression Method article.

2) Compression Level:  This are presets for the settings, the names are pretty self explanatory, the presets start from Store (This preset compression settings can not be edited because it does not compress files)  to Ultra (ultra is the highest compression preset, but we can achieve better compression by manually editing settings)

Take a look at this table to understand better (source)
StoreNo compression is used, files are just stored in archive in its original size.
FastFast compression.
NormalRecommended level of compression.
MaximumBetter compression, but it is slower and needs more memory.
UltraBest compression, but it is even slower and needs even more memory.

3) Compression Method: Here You can select the compression method, I recommend using lzma2 because it is considered generally as the best compression method, It is always good idea to default to it.

Take a look at this for more information (source)
LZMADefault compression method of 7z format. It provides high compression ratio and very fast decompression.
LZMA2LZMA-based compression method. It provides better multithreading support than LZMA. But compression ratio can be worse in some cases. For best compression ratio with LZMA2 use 1 or 2 CPU threads. If you use LZMA2 with more than 2 threads, 7-zip splits data to chunks and compresses these chunks independently (2 threads per each chunk).
PPMdDmitry Shkarin's PPMdH algorithm with small changes. Usually it provides high compression ratio and high speed for text files.
BZip2Standard compression method based on BWT algorithm. Usually it provides high speed and pretty good compression ratio for text files.
DeflateStandard compression method of ZIP and GZip formats. Compression ratio is not too high. But it provides pretty fast compressing and decompressing. Deflate method supports only 32 KB dictionary.
Deflate64Modified version of Deflate algorithm with bigger dictionary (64KB).

More information about compression cooperation see the below table (source)

Compressed file size in bytes

gzipbzip2lzmalzma -exzxz -elz4lzop
1124875819 (120M)93997047 (90M)85618192 (82M)72042179 (69M)85630688 (82M)72069084 (69M)165844264 (159M)168012430 (161M)
2119040249 (114M)87741348 (84M)81480824 (78M)70264395 (68M)81492504 (78M)70282944 (68M)165844264 (159M)166987891 (160M)
3114931686 (110M)84816957 (81MB)79575087 (76MB)69015118 (66MB)79586568 (76MB)69029204 (66MB)165844264 (159M)166987891 (160M)
5102328357 (98M)81837328 (79M)69557610 (67M)67879362 (65M)69583428 (67M)67875988 (65M)-166987891 (160M)
7100128597 (96M)80197758 (77M)67276420 (65M)66868212 (64M)67294092 (65M)66852780 (64M)-116205578 (111M)
999740486 (96M)78963640 (76M)65841213 (63M)65362226 (63M)65859432 (63M)65372696 (63M)-114824102 (110M)

gzipbzip2lzmalzma -exzxz -elz4lzop

4) Dictionary Size: This is very important parameter bigger dictionary size equals better compression however here are couple of things to look out for:

1) Dictionary Size value difference:  I noticed there is a cutoff point, where after some amount of dictionary size you will not get a big compression size difference; for example between 4MB and 128 MB dictionary size there might be a huge compressed file size difference but between 128 MB and 512 there might be only Couple of MB

2) Speed: The bigger the dictionary size is the longer it will take your PC to compress files.

3) System: This is very important you should take in consideration on what pc you are compressing  files and on what system you are going to decompress files. Why? the bigger your dictionary size is more Memory(RAM) is required to complete compression and decompression. When you change the value of Dictionary Size make sure that you will take a look at: Memory usage for Compressing and Memory Usage for Decompressing

Memory usage for Compressing: Make Sure that you have more Memory(RAM) than it is tallying you that it will use. otherwise your pc will most probably hang and require reboo.
Memory Usage for Decompressing: Make sure that on a pc you are planning on decompress this file has more Memory(RAM) than it is asking for
5) Word Size: Higher the value the better compression you are generally going to get ( however it is really dependent on files you are trying to compress) You might get really big difference or might get nonexistent difference. You should keep in mind that Word Size, might almost have no effect the size of a compressed file however it will always effect the speed of the compression so sticking to 64 is good practice

6) Solid Block Size: With this option you can enable solid compression, which can improve compression when storing multiple similar files. However extracting or adding a single file from an archive like this will take longer than none solid block compression. However the best practice is manually select the size of a block, for example if you are trying to compress 5 files and each file is 512 MB you might select block size 512MB. Block size is up to you and your judgement or easy way out is, just stick with the preset that 7zip is offering you like 2 GB or 4 GB 
for more information you can see this

7) Number of CPU threads: Select the number of your pc threads that 7z will use, more threads will equal to faster compression, however some people say that, selecting more then 2 threads might hurt the compression size.

8) Split to volumes: This will just split the archive at a special size you specified, for example if you are trying to burn 2 GB of files on a CD you can tell 7z to split the archive every 650Mb, What it will do is create couple of parts, Singe part will not be more than you specified (in our situation 650MB) however uncompromising the files will require all the parts.

9) Update mode: This is where you can select update method
Take a look at this for more information (source)

Add and replace filesAdd all specified files to the archive.
Update and add filesUpdate older files in the archive and add files that are new to the archive.
Freshen existing filesUpdate specified files in the archive that are older than the selected disk files.
Synchronize filesReplace specified files only if added files are newer. Always add those files, which are not present in the archive. Delete from archive those files, which are not present on the disk.

10)Create SFX archive: This will Create a Self-extracting archive you might know what this is,  You might have download a file from internet that has a 7z log and when you doable click on it, a window appears and asks you where to extract this files. If you check SFX you are going to create a file that will just do that Self-extracting archive.

11) Compress shared files: This option compress a file when it is open in another application.

12) Enter Password: If you enter password here the archive you are going to create will be password protected by the password you entered.

13) Reenter password: * //Guess what to do here

14)Show Password: This will make viable the password you are entering abow

15) Encryption method: Here you select the encryption method for more information you can take a look at this guide

16)Encrypt file names: Here you can enable or disable archive encryption.

17)Parameters: The Parameters field is for specifying any options you need that are not available via dedicated dialog controls. for more information you can take a look here

Thank you for your time hope it was helpful

You can download the .pdf version:

MediaFire  Google Drive

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Gameplay

Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Gameplay

This is the first time I am playing this game and I will say this for sure if I would play this game back when it was new I would be really impressed but playing it know feels broken controls are a bit sluggish, the story makes little sense for me because al i could hear was (Plot, Plot, Don't care, ZZZZZZZzzz) I have trouble figuring out what to do guess I have to read a manual or something, In this gameplay I was just running somewhere, although the graphics for its time look really nice.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rar 5 vs 7-zip

Rar 5 vs 7-zip

I decided to revisit this comparison, because I felt that the first comparison needed more information. 
You can see the first comparison here

 For this test I used Winrar Version (5.10 beta 1 March 18, 2014)

 and I used 7-zip version (9.32 alpha December 1, 2013)

For both software I used the 64-bit build

I used the windows for both methods. I decided to use default settings for both methods.

Files I compressed

I compressed a directory that contained this games:

0 A.D, Hotline Miami, The Dark Mod, The Wolf Among Us episode One and Two

In total all of this added up to: 741 files 68 folders and 7.13 GB (7,658,159,197 bytes)

Lets take at the results:

Original Size
7.13 GB (7,658,159,197 bytes)
6.12 GB (6,571,708,725 bytes)
5.93 GB (6,368,487,869 bytes)

As expected 7-zip Came out on top no surprises here.

Here I started to think maybe default settings are not good for RaR5 and I decided to archive files with both methods best presets So in Winrar I selected Best and in 7-zip I selected Ultra however in both cases I selected library size to be 32 MB

I decided to compress different files for the second test

Files I compressed

Grim Fandango

In total all of this added up to: 328 Files, 5 Folders and 1.22 GB (1,311,341,333 bytes)

Lets take at the results:

Original Size
1.22 GB (1,311,341,333 bytes)
1.02 GB (1,099,553,539 bytes)
1.00 GB (1,076,610,413 bytes)

 Well again no surprise here 7-zip is better, and if some one asks me what to use I will tell them without thinking to take 7-zip because not only it is better, but it is free as well and more software support it then rar5.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ubuntu abc Lesson - 56sf67a, Software Center VS PPA

Ubuntu abc Lesson - 56sf67a, Ubuntu Software Center vs PPA

This article is about the difference between installing software from ubuntu software canter vs ppas
I will explain it in a manner which even a person who just knows abc will understand it, so no fancy technical words will be used in here, yay

note: if you want to find out how to use PPAs (install software using ppa please see this article)

So lets begin what is the difference between official Ubuntu software repository(aka software center) vs Personal Package Archives (aka PPA).

Ubuntu software center has software in it that has been tested by Canonical engineers, this means that software from ubuntu software center will be stable and safe so no malicious software will be in it, however this means that most software in it will most probably be not the latest version, sure it will be stable but there is a chance that software is so old that it might lack feature, but in their defence the most used software from software center get updates quite often, sadly not a lot of software is lucky enough to get often updates.

On the other hand PPAs do not need a middle man what ever developers decided to put in their ppa will get past to you as an update or as a software of course you should agree to it but there still are some problems with it. First is even though you will be rocking most latest and greatest versions of that software you might still have stability issues, Second there are ton of ppas that clam that they are official ppa of a package (aka software that you want) there is no easy way to find out which is official source and which is not, Third because no one actually tested the software that devs put on PPA (they might actually be malicious) sadly you do not actually know if that ppa is safe or no, there can very well be malware in your ppa, Fourth you might get a lot of updates every day so if you get bothered by update notifications well that is a problem.

So to sum this up here are the pros and cons 

Ubuntu Software Center
Pros: Stability, Safe
Cons: Old software, Some software are so old that they do not even run

Pros: Latest and Greatest software
Cons: might be unstable, frequent updates, a bit inconvenient

So this is what I feel are the main differences between software form this sources, but I will give you an example on how I combine and use software from PPAs and software center, for example: because I want to have latest wine software I installed it with ppa but I installed VLC from software center because software center version gets the job done works great but the version that you can get from ppa works great as well but requires updates very often sometimes it will ask you to download updates couple of times a day. so i stick with software center version.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your time, hope it was helpful.